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The Wellness/Blockchain/Healthcare IT Industry Will Revolutionize Medicine! WBA Is Tagging Those Innovators And Leaders Paving The Way For The New Digital Wellness Community


We are a organically growing community of Early Adopters, Innovators, Visionaries, And The Simply Curious! All Understanding Blockchain And The Advances In Healthcare IT Will Revolutionize The Healthcare System In The Coming Years.


As a Physician Passionate About Wellness And How We Navigate The Disruption In Medicine by Blockchain Technology And Healthcare IT. WBA Is About Building A Wellness/Blockchain/ Healthcare IT Community. A Space To Gather And Make Sense Of The Scattered Pieces. Whether You Are An Innovator, Visionary Or Just Plain Curious? We Would Love To Invite You To Join Us On This Journey Of Healthy Living In A Digital Era!


Help Us Start The Conversations! Tell Us What Your Doing To move The Needle Forward. The Unique Innovative Organic Voices Will Be The Ones To Move Us Into The New Age Of Navigating Healthy Living In A Digital Space. Is that You? JOIN The Movement

Wellness Blockchain Alliance

Understands the future of Medicine will be about a global healthcare industry promoting  activities of physical and mental well-being.


Major shifts will occur to healthy eating (How about the plant based shift?), preventative health maintenance, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, breathwork, massage, and restorative care after major illness,  or age-related causes.


A future digital ecosystem promoting health and wellness propelled by the advances of modern technology.


Plain and simple medicine’s new demands will be about promoting the collective health and wellbeing of us all.


A vital component of that infrastructure  will be a clear vision and a safe trusted path to get us there.

Building a secure, safe, transparent ecosystem ignited by the wellness industry and powered by the advances of Healthcare IT and Blockchain Technology will be the path leading the way



Early innovators can often be heard in soft whispers by a few.  Nonetheless, forging ahead on an unpopular, often difficult  journey gaining slow momentum.



Turning that corner to a  clear path  a louder voice igniting  sparks of innovation into  flames of mass adoption.


WBA wants to be the whispers, the voices you hear igniting the conversations puzzling the pieces together to healthcare’s new digital awakening! 

Faith M Whittier M.D.

Where Wellness And Digital Meet!