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The Pandemic That Changed The “About” To The “About US”.

You Are Not Alone!

Wellness Blockchain Alliance ” The Crawford Community” is a community of innovators and early adopters that understands Blockchain and the advances in Healthcare IT will revolutionize the healthcare system. Most certainly, one of those leaders in this change will be the Wellness Industry, which has always had a healthy dose of innovation. The Crawford Community is about highlighting Healthcare IT, Blockchain, Wellness and the people behind those innovations and new ideas  that are unafraid of change and willing to forge ahead in a new direction in the hopes, dreams, and promises of a brighter future never an easy path to undertake but one we hope brings us closer to the Dawn of Medicine’s New Awakening.


An Invitation! 


That invitation to explore the advances in Healthcare and Wellness is what we thought would be an invitation for joining a community growing slowly and organically as  we took in sips of emerging changes in Healthcare IT, Blockchain, Wellness, and Healthy Living.

Now fast forward we are in the midst of a Global Pandemic instead of sips we are all forced to drink from the firehose of survival. Where each decision we make to shelter in place, washing our hands, safely sanitizing surfaces and social distancing are decisions that can very well mean life or death for  us or our neighbor if we don’t act responsibly. Our healthcare system is being pushed to the brink and that pressure is being felt most by our first responders saving lives on the frontline and communities of color disproportionately dying from obvious disparities in the healthcare system.  A horrifying reality that so far has no end in sight. 

Loving, Thriving, Growing And Caring for one another in these unprecedented times Is


The Crawford Community!  


WE are tagging ALL of you. The ones that CARE about our healthcare disparities, social injustices, first responders, family, friends, strangers, massive unemployment, and survival of our small business’.

This Health And Social Pandemic is affecting us ALL….. We are in this together and need a collective solution and change!


You’ve been tagged!


To get acquainted with the  great business’ highlighted in The Crawford Community.  We hope you will enjoy exploring the interesting people and awesome ideas behind the innovations. Some are familiar tried and true. Like great Practitioners making the magic happen on the frontlines and beyond, wellness products and services that have kept us healthy throughout time. Others highlighting the cutting edge of innovations in Healthcare:  Blockchain, Telehealth, Healthcare IT, Remote patient monitoring all transforming healthcare into a new digital reality  a fresh new look we like to call.

“The Dawn Of Medicine’s New Awakening”….. You’ve been tagged to explore the old and the new!


 Just passing through? Interested in supporting one of these businesses, please do! 

 Simply  here browsing and exploring? Great! please leave us a comment, your kind words  of encouragement it is ALL welcomed!



Thanks For Caring!


The ” Crawford Community” is a tribute to My Great Grandfather David Eugene Crawford An Entrepreneur Who opened The Eureka Bank  The First Black Owned Bank In Boston, MA. Believing Deeply In The Power Of Collective Community!

David E. Crawford opened The Eureka Co-Operative Bank in Boston in 1910, “the only bank on the East Coast owned and operated by  Colored People. He was appointed a master in the Chancery by the Governor of Massachusetts in 1915.”

In 1918 He would face A Pandemic Followed By The Financial devastation of the Great Depression in 1925.  


Fast Forward 100 years to  history repeating.

A pandemic, glaring healthcare disparities, social injustices and financial  devastation. 

Contrasted today with a diverse global collective community and a outcry for social equality and equal justice.  An unprecedented moment for collective community to unite us ALL.

We hope you will join!  


The Crawford Community!



Attorney David Eugene Crawford
The Eureka Cooperative Bank 1910