Where Wellness And Digital Meet…….. We Aren’t Travelling Alone!



The World Health Organization defines Wellness as a “positive approach to living” Blockchain Technology is adding a bit of a twist in the disruption of the healthcare industry.

At Wellness Blockchain Alliance we’ve decided not to take the singular road to the fallout of the disruption. Instead, we are intentionally travelling and organically building along the roots of community.

Finding the strength and support on the path in collective energy. Our passion at WBA is simple a community freely exploring, discovering, and navigating the currents of our ever changing digital world on a quest to maintain Mind, Body And Spirit through a “positive approach to living”.

We invite you to join us on the journey to peace, balance and healthy living……At the intersection where wellness band digital meet!





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Wellness Blockchain Alliance is a tribute to My Great Grandfather


David Eugene Crawford An Entrepreneur Who opened The Eureka Bank  The First Black Owned Bank In Boston, MA. Believing Deeply In The Power Of Collective Community!

David E. Crawford opened The Eureka Co-Operative Bank in Boston in 1910, “the only bank on the East Coast owned and operated by  Colored People. He was appointed a master in the Chancery by the Governor of Massachusetts in 1915.”

In 1918 He would face A Pandemic Followed By The Financial devastation of the Great Depression in 1925.  


Fast Forward 100 years to  history repeating.

A pandemic, glaring healthcare disparities, social injustices and financial  devastation. 

Contrasted today with a diverse global collective community and a outcry for social equality and equal justice.  An unprecedented moment for collective community to unite us ALL.

We hope you will join!  





Attorney David Eugene Crawford
The Eureka Cooperative Bank 1910